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Real estate investment can be a very lucrative business, but not everyone makes a profit. Working with real estate experts to help guide you on securing the best investments and making the smartest improvements, that will result in the highest profit margin possible, is key. Kelley & Todd Miller have been working with successful real estate investors for over a decade and have sold hundreds of homes and condos. Some of the biggest real estate investment companies in Los Angeles work closely with the Millers because they have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver the best advice and the highest sale price possible. Having flipped properties themselves (as investors) and having worked closely with the best in the business, the Millers can put their skills, knowledge and experience to use for you. Whether you are starting on your first flip or your one hundredth, if you want the best results, work with the best agents. Feel free to call Kelley or Todd anytime.

Fix 1
3337 McManus – Flip Sale

“Kelley and Todd Miller went above & beyond the call of duty to get us the highest price possible.”

-Brett C., WS Investments

Fix 2
5420 Diller –Flip Sale

“I’ve been selling investment properties with Kelley & Todd Miller for over five years now and they always provide great service and get me the best results. They push my sale prices as high as possible.”

-Blake O., Triwest Development

Fix 3
11947 Lindblade –Flip Sale

“Kelley and Todd did a great job. They set a record price for the neighborhood.”

-Guilliano P., Prietto Construction

Fix 4
4122 Duquesne – Flip Sale

“Another investment successfully sold by Kelley & Todd for a great price. With the Millers, I always know it will be a job well done.”

-Thomas B., Thomas James Capital

Fix 5
3131 Livonia – Flip Sale

“I work with agents all over Southern California and Kelley and Todd Miller are two of the best.”

-Dan A., East End Properties

Fix 6
4165 Higuera – Flip Sale

“The Millers always do a great job. We know we can count on them to get our escrows closed.”

-Taylor C., TJC Opportunity Fund

Fix 7
10751 Oregon – Flip Sale

“I’m not sure how many houses Kelley and Todd Miller have sold for us, but I do know we’ve always been happy. I’d highly recommend them to anyone.”

-Brett C., East End Properties

Fix 8
2641 Garth – Flip Sale

“Kelley and Todd hit it out of the park on this one. They always exceed my expectations.”

-Omar I., GS Partners