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Kelley and Todd Miller have over a decade of experience selling income properties and provide low-cost property management for their clients. As income property owners themselves, they’ve learned the importance of finding good tenants. Kelley and Todd also work hard, when selling an income property, to maintain a positive relationship with the tenants which results in a smoother escrow and a higher sale price for their clients. It’s important to have hands-on experienced agents when buying or selling an income property. Feel free to call Kelley or Todd anytime.

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3415 Sherbourne – Duplex Sale

“I’ve worked with countless agents over the years and I can attest that Kelley and Todd Miller are some of the best in the business. They have sold multiple properties for us and always provided smooth transactions and, more importantly, they always get us top dollar.”

-Blake Overend

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3316 Caroline – Duplex Sale

“Having worked in real estate for thirty years, I follow the sales and there was one team that has consistently pushed sale prices higher. Any agent can get lucky with one sale, but only excellent agents get consistent results. Kelley and Todd provide consistent excellence. When it came to selling my duplex, they were my only choice.”

-Don Van Cleve

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8920 Carson – Duplex Sale

“Selling a tenant occupied property can be difficult. Kelley and Todd are very personable and were able to maintain a positive relationship with my tenants. An angry tenant can lower your sale price, so it’s very important to have an agent that knows how to keep everyone happy. Their work resulted in a record sale price for my duplex.”

-Jessica Fox

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3425 Helms – Triplex Sale

“Mr. Miller did a great job selling my family’s triplex. He kept us up-to-date and made the process easy.”

-Jose Gutierrez

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1765 Hauser – Duplex Sale

“After moving to South Carolina, Kelley and Todd managed my duplex for a few years before I decided to sell. When you’re on the other side of the country having agents you can trust is essential. The Millers were the right choice.”

-Peter Keup

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3163 Curts – Duplex Sale

“As a real estate investor, I know the difference between bad, so-so and good agents. I’d put Kelley & Todd Miller in the great category. They did a great job selling our duplex.”

-Stephan Vener

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3311 Sherbourne – Triplex Sale

“Kelley and Todd are fabulous. They got me an incredible price for my triplex. I felt I was in great hands throughout the entire process.”

-Lili Saavedra

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3129 Roberts – Duplex Sale

“Kelley and Todd did a great job selling my duplex. I wanted someone I could trust and they did a great job.”

-Roberto Yupanqui