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Kelley & Todd Miller have been successfully selling new construction projects for over a decade. From 4-unit townhome projects in Culver City, to 10-unit townhome projects in Santa Monica, and larger 20+ unit condo projects in Palms and Mid-City, the Millers have gained valuable knowledge and experience that can be put to use by developers looking for a smooth sales process and higher sale prices. The Millers have been ranked in the top 1% of the nation and have sold-out a dozen or more new construction projects and hundreds of homes and condos. They have the skills, knowledge and experience to help advise developers on everything from architectural plans, to HOA budgets, expediting utilities, all the way to project completion and closing. With countless problems solved, hurdles overcome and fires extinguished, Kelley & Todd Miller are true new construction experts. Feel free to call them with any questions or needs. Here are some of the projects they have represented and what the developers have to say:


New Con1
3636 Jasmine – 27 Condos Sold
Sale of Villas on Jasmine

“I find the Millers to not only to be hardworking, but dependable, efficient and reliable. Their experience and diligence leaves very little room for doubt. Their salesmanship and marketing skills are brilliant and I am excited to work with them on future projects.”

Kevin L., Pacific Ventures LLC

New Con2
5601 Olympic – 10 Condos Sold
Sale of Miracle Mile Condos

“Kelley and Todd were great to work with. They helped solve countless problems and were great about walking all of the buyers through our extremely long contracts. Without the Millers I don’t know if we would have garnered the success that we had.”

-Allen S., Shenazi Builders Inc

New Con3
2121 Virginia – 11 Townhomes Sold
Sale of Santa Monica Townhomes

“The Millers absolutely exceeded my expectations! With their hard work and experience we were able to sell all of the townhomes in Santa Monica for great prices in a very tough market.”

-Hamid Y., ALFA 26 Developments

New Con4
3840 Tilden – 4 Townhomes Sold
Sale of Tilden Villas

“The Miller’s expertise in New Construction and great problem solving skills were integral to the completion and sale of my project.”

-Ken C., Creal Development Partners

New Con5
1530 Centinela – 10 Condos Sold
Sale of West LA Condos

“The Millers managed an incredibly difficult situation by maintaining positive relationships with the tenants while they moved out of the condos and the new buyers as they moved in. It was quite an undertaking that was handled professionally and successfully.”

-Naim P., Centinela Project LLC

New Con6
4014 Van Buren – 4 Townhomes Sold
Sale of Culver City Townhomes

“Kelley and Todd were great agents and the right choice for our project. They knew what to do at every stage and successfully kept buyers in escrows for an extended period of months waiting on our final map to record. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

-Roberto B., Crown Acquisitions LLC

New Con7
3972 Tilden – 4 Townhomes Sold
Sale of Tilden Townhomes

“Having worked with countless agents over the years, I can assure any seller or developer that the Millers are true experts. They’ve proven themselves by successfully closing two of my projects.”

-Ken C., Creal Development Partners

New Con8
5525 Olympic – 10Condos Sold
Sale of Olympic Condos

“Having taken over the project in foreclosure in a difficult market, Kelley and Todd were great partners in a difficult endeavor. They successfully sold out the building. It was a job well done. I hope our paths cross again. ”

-Karen R., Pacifica Real Estate

New Con9
4058 Madison – 4Townhomes Sold
Sale of Madison Villas

“Kelley and Todd Miller have the experience, they put in the effort and they helped me resolve every problem along the way to sell out my project.”

-Aaron M., APPA Development